Cramping My Style

There I was lying face-down on the street with the smell of asphalt and humiliation all around me. As I tried to look up at the home of my potential new client, I noticed all of the lights in their house had suddenly gone out and the living room drapes were slowly closing. As the trauma from my fall began to fade, I thought to myself: ?How in the world did I get here??

In those early days of my insurance career, I played a lot of handball to stay in shape. If I didn?t take the time to stretch out after playing a match, I could experience severe leg cramps later in the day, especially at night. I made an appointment to meet a very nice married couple at their home in south Minneapolis on one of those evenings. The husband was a pilot for Northwest Airlines and his wife was a talented interior designer.

As I drove up to their house, I could see their lights were on inside and the living room drapes were open. As I attempted to get out of my car, I was suddenly crippled by the excruciating pain of simultaneous Charley horses in both of my legs! The hamstrings in my legs turned stiffer than a steel rod! I could tell that the couple was watching me from inside their house as I desperately tried to exit my car. I kept opening and closing my car door as I moved from side to side, attempting to get myself into a position that would allow me to get out of the car. I finally opened the driver side door, and tossed my briefcase over my head onto the roof of the car. My potential new clients had to be wondering if I was high on drugs or merely drunk out of my mind!

My tenacious nature took over as I finally realized that my escape would be possible by rolling out of the car and letting myself fall flat into the street. This not-so-graceful ?stop, drop and roll? maneuver was going to be the key to my exit. However, I hadn?t planned on suffering a near concussion in the fall!

I painfully made my way to their front door, but no one would answer as I repeatedly rang their doorbell! I finally hobbled over to the next door neighbor?s house, where they allowed me to use their telephone to call the couple and explain my strange behavior. Believe it or not, they eventually let me into their home where we all shared a tremendous laugh about the entire episode. In the end, I even sold them an excellent insurance policy; and after all, that was my goal!

Years later, while on a turbulent business flight, my client, the pilot, was informed that I was on his flight and announced to the passengers: ?This is the captain speaking. If you look at the guy in seat 3B, he?s my insurance agent and he has me insured for about a hundred million dollars. My agent named himself as the beneficiary on my policy, so you can relax? I have a really strong, vested interest in getting us all back on the ground safely!?

As I now look back over the past seventy-six years, including a forty-three year insurance career, I again think to myself? ?How in the world did I get here??